Commonly used phrase to tell someone to go chew fuck themself.
by Dan Dee October 27, 2010
brandon phillips: "hey guys whats up?"
Jacob owens: "go sniff rocks brandon"
by laskjdpo March 27, 2011
( even more offensive than button the lip) : what you say to someone who is very politically opinionated, not afraid to speak their mind when it comes to politics, as well as arrogantly proud of being politically incorrect as well (all 3 at the same time, in the same person).
son: (starts waving US Confederate flag around the room): I think we should impeach President Barak Obama; he is not doing anything meaningful concerning illegal immigration. I think we should elect either John McCain or Joe Arpaio.

father: since when re you so politically opinionated? it's your mother who's supposed to be politically opinionated, not you. Now, as your father, i am ordering you to kiss the Don's ring, or die. I am ordering you to stop waving that flag, to go eat rocks, and then to your room to do your homework. Got that?

son: yes, but i am entitled to my political opinion, even if I am politically incorrect
by Sexydimma February 7, 2015
It means to get the fuck out of my face. Usually you say it to a girl when she asking for u to get back with her after she break up with her and you got ur other bitch on the side.
Girl/slave:Baby i miss you, come back to me
Man/Lord: go kick rocks bitch

Girl/slave:(cry) walks away

Man/lord: (laughs & gets head from his side bitch)
by guccilover0342342 November 15, 2010
Bringing the party with you to a second location or removing yourself from an embarrassing moment.
This sucks! Let's go rock the casbah.

Dude, what's up with the chick I saw you with last night?
I have to go rock the casbah.
by badasstnk July 26, 2012
To congratulate someone, or a way to say, "Hey."
Haley walked into the party yelling, "GO ROCK!" (while holding up "🤘")
by lexinator112 December 1, 2022