A term used in the 80's to define a male and a female who were an item, more than friends, were interested in each other exclusively, otherwise known as dating, or considered a couple. They were "going around" together.

When a boy was interested in a girl he would ask her to "go around" with him.
Sally and Joe are going around. Meaning they are an exclusive couple and have been seen around town together as a couple.

Pete asked Molly to go around with him. (Be seen in public as his girlfriend and date no other boy but him.)
by Starstruck106 February 28, 2014
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When a female or male sits in an office chair and is then surrounded by erecting penis' and proceeds to spin and jerk off the surrounding penis'.
Man did you hear about Julie she had 18 guys involved in the office go around!
by WashingHAMbeardedCLAM December 23, 2016
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Influence by a small ice cream shop in Michigan called “The Dairy Go-Around.”

The Dirty Go-Around is when the man has sexual intercourse inside of the woman’s ass. When he’s done he dips his nut sack in chocolate, places he’s nuts on top of an ice cream cone and goes around to the front and serves it to the mouth. The dirty go around. Swag.
I gave her the ol’ dirty go-around.

This chick I met last night let me do the dirt go-around.

The dirty go-around when the duck inserts the ass and then dips balls in chocolate. When done, puts nuts in ice cream cone and goes around to the front and swerves to mouth.
by MileHighCaptain June 9, 2018
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When a pilot comes in to land, but decides to abort the landing ('goes around') after the aircraft has touched down on the runway. They will then climb the aircraft to sufficient height to attempt another landing. This could possibly due to a hard bounce with insufficient airspeed to recover.

This is different from a touch and go where the pilot lands smoothly/safely, lets the aircraft roll/slow down for a short distance, then takes off again to practise take-offs and landings.
A : "What's Jim doing today? Touch and go's?"
B : "More like touch and go arounds."
by Drecian April 12, 2011
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You make me go around the bed = Me estás volviendo loco.
by Cisco. April 14, 2017
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when a man train (a series of dudes sticking their penis into each other's rear end) is long enough that the dude at the head of the train can insert his penis into the rectum of the last dude on the train.
Last night at the sausage party the man train was long enough that it turned into a Manly go around.
by sicox1 November 9, 2010
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1.) An aborted landing of an aircraft that is on final or has already touched town. This can be initiated by the pilots or controllers, typically because of an undesirable runway condition (eg. an obstruction).

2.) An aborted landing of a person before they enter the intimidate region of another person. This can be due to an undesirable condition of the landing place, such as seeing an STI in full bloom.
1.) Controller: “American nineteen sixty one, go around, turn right heading 270.”
Pilot: “Going around, American nineteen sixty one.”
2.) Bob: “Jim had to go around twice last night in under an hour. The first time he was in the pilot seat. The second time, he was in the bathroom with a coworker.”
by planeshavebuttsAPU March 21, 2023
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