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When a person becomes so distraught about something; that the person's own anger confuses themselves. They in turn become more upset, causing UPSANGRY.
Juan was so upsangry at the INS for confiscating his green card, he took oranges from his cart and began to rifle them.
by www.tubby-bitch.com April 24, 2003
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The act of becoming gross and or referring to something that is gross.

Also pertains to trying to make a joke from storytelling but end up tripping on your own words (i.e. your brain and your mouth not being able to keep up with each other) and in turn the word gross gets reverse-Asianized and is heard as GLOSS.
While in the wetback section of Fresno, Vos got GLOSSED out at the site of a 86' Camaro on cinder blocks.
by www.tubby-bitch.com April 25, 2003
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when you screw a chick without usaing ANY birth-control. The whole month waiting for her period, you wish you never did it in the first place.
juan was catholicsex about going out with maria
by www.tubby-bitch.com April 24, 2003
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