"Whenever I step outside the house I keep that glockie on me" from Diamonds Dancing by Drake feat. Future
by nbild March 9, 2016
Glocky is used in a few carti songs and it means the gun (glock)
by Car bombings May 20, 2019
Glocky is a real bossed up nigga, he’s also a young rich big bag getta
Omg glocky u such a bossed up ass nigga or glocky so sexy🥰
by Inspectorglock November 21, 2021
when you eat something thats hard to swallow.
Damn that food is hella glocky!
by Calvin Biv October 16, 2005
Feeling after chemo treatments for cancer. A feeling of all side-effects i.e. severe nausea, weakness, shakiness, muscle aches, dizziness, overall malaise, neuropathy (nerve damage) wrapped into one word: glocky.
After my five hour chemo treatment, my whole body, mind and soul felt extremely glocky.
by Maggie Bordeaux June 7, 2019