To be "bossed up" is to be in charge in a big way. To act like a boss.
Did you see Brett yelling at that guy? He was bossed up!
by Murphhh February 7, 2011
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to get bossed up is to get ur dick sucked. get bossed up, get bossed.
BUT, u gotta be a boss to get bossed up.
"ya, i got Bossed up, had that bitch suckin on my noodle like some pasta!"

by vinny-v February 19, 2007
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When a female engages in Fellatio with a male.
I got bossed up by Miriam yesterday.
by rubberdecoy July 23, 2006
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"I heard he got bossed up by that floral guy in the walk in"
by prankster415 October 14, 2011
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Take ownership of ones life, by directing the full capacity of their time, resources, and attention toward a specific direction, goal, or intent. In other words: step up, raise your standard, up your game, and take responsibility for the direction of your life and the full maturity of your dreams.
Stop putting off your dreams until tomorrow ... boss-up and make it happen today.
by bosscouple November 2, 2017
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can go many ways, used in different instances, as "quit being a little bitch", or "do it, you pussy." and can also be used in place of "fuck you/off", or finally just to call someone afraid of something.
MAN1-"i don't want to go to work tommorrow."
MAN2-"boss up,lazy ass"
"i guess we're just gonna have to boss up and go."
by MrGruesome May 19, 2004
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