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(glam'-ber-TI-tis) noun.

A recently discovered infection with no known cure. It is hypothesized that the infection will resolve itself over time, but the infection has not been present long enough to subject it to longitudinal study.

Symptoms include hyperfocus on any written, audio, or visual materials having to do with 2009 American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, known for his affection for glam fashion, glam music, and glitter. The infected subject is unable to change focus to, or even remember, necessary activities, which include but are not limited to homework, chores, picking up children from school, or previously scheduled events. Infected persons may also have financial difficulty due to purchasing numerous items related to Adam Lambert.

Glambertitis may also result in uncontrollable physical changes including increased heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate, as well as occasional inflammation and muscle contraction. (See also myopia, selective hearing, adamgasm, kradamgasm.)
Kayla: Where's Marie? We're supposed to be studying for our Biology final in the morning.

Ashley: Forget it. She's been searching YouTube for Adam Lambert videos and interviews for six hours now and I can't tear her away from her laptop and iPod.

Kayla: Wow, sounds like she's caught a serious case of Glambertitis.
by Anonyglam April 14, 2011
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