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An Adam Lambert fan. Usually bordering or crossing the line of obsession.
Derived from Adam's last name "Lambert" and made into "Glambert" because Adam is so. Glam.
Person 1: Hey, I just listened to Adam Lambert sing and you were right, he's amazing.
Person 2: xD Welcome to the club, my new fellow Glambert!!!1!
Person 1:...what now?
by pomizzle June 22, 2009

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Adam Mitchel Lambert-
Born Jan. 29, 1982
Singer, actor.
American Idol 2009 runner up.
Famous For:
-Black malepolish
-Tight pants
-Rings and other jewelry and accessories

-Black hair w/ blue streaks
-Amazing vocals and "screams"
-Being homosexual
-Not winning American Idol because that's just retarded.

Synonyms: the best thing ever
Antonyms: Danny Gokey
Adam Lambert is frikken amazing. America has mental problems since they didn't vote him to win.
by pomizzle June 22, 2009

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New name title for Aerosmith's "Dream On", after Danny Gokey completely destroyed it with his screeches on American Idol.

Synonyms: ear piercing mad crap
Antonyms: goodness
♫Dream on, dream on,

"Aww crap who the hell is playing Gokey singing Scream On again?!"
by pomizzle June 22, 2009

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How scene kids write the word "roar".

It does NOT mean "i love you" in dinosaur. Dinosaurs are extinct, therefore any language they had (and it is highly unlikely they were able to talk) would now be a dead language. In addition, if dinosaurs DID say "i love you" they would spell it right. "Roar".
xxxSooScene_Gurlxxx: Lololol RAWWWRRRR smexxay!!!1!

xXxxMyChem96xxXx: RAWR to you to roflmao let's go listen to screamo and write RAWR and swearwords on our Vans lol we so hardcore!!1
by Pomizzle January 16, 2011

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