1. A theoretical state of being or ability in which one is able to concentrate and focus on a particular subject so intensely, ultimately becoming oblivious to everything else around.
2. Believed to be attained most often in people with ADD or ADHD.
3. Arguably a myth spread around the world by the mother's of children with ADD and ADHD, for the reason of making their children feel special.
Jimmy: Hey Jay-boy, did you happen to catch last night's episode of Ugly Betty?
Jay: First off, never call me 'Jay-boy' again or I'll whoop the fucking shit out of you. Second, only fucking forty year old women and fags watch that show.
Jimmy: Oh, well that was quite rude...
Dave: Hey guys, what are you up to?
Jay: Nothing much, you?
Dave: Well, I just finished with scuba diving class, and I got the nickname Addy. You know, because I have ADHD and take Adderall.
Jimmy: Affirmative.
Jay: I personally would have given you the nickname 'realistic' or 'trustworthy' because you're always believable and never stretch the truth...
Dave: Yea you're right, I do have great morals. Have I ever mentioned to you guys that I can hyperfocus?
Jimmy & Jay: ......
Dave: Well basically I can utilize and focus my energies on stuff, so I can become really, really focused on something.
Jay: No shit, I can concentrate really hard too.
Dave: No, you don't see. Hyperfocus has made me significantly better at baseball, art, and somewhat in music.
Jay: Dave, you don't even play baseball?
Dave: ...That's right, but If I would have played from an early age I would have been really good.
Jay: Uh huh...and Jimmy would be straight if he wasn't raped when he was 5.
Jimmy: He's right, I would be.
Jimmy & Jay: Hahaha...
Dave: You guys never take me seriously...you can even ask my Mom about it. She knows a lot more than I do.
Jay: Yo Jimmy, maybe Dave's Mom fucked superman.
Jimmy: ...Ohhhh, so that's why he has superpowers!
Jay: Jimmy, you know that was a joke?
Jimmy: Oh...I know...a joke...
Dave: What the fuck? You guys are assholes.
Jay: What the fuck, right back at you bitch. Dave you are the lying asshole. You fucking step foot in my room and claim that you have a 'super power', when it's actually just the 40mg of amphetamine salts in fucking Adderall and the bias from your Mom that enables you to feel as if you can actually 'hyperfocus'.
Dave: ....................
Jay: T-wift!
Jimmy: So he doesn't have super powers?
by The Chuckle Monster May 9, 2009
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A thing that people with ADHD do sometimes, and they don’t always choose to do it
i was playing Pokémon Sword on my Nintendo switch and I unintentionally hyperfocused on it and next thing I knew, the day was over! I didn’t even hear my mom telling me to stop playing on it! at least I completed the game lol
by spacefroggo January 10, 2022
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