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A girly girl is a woman or a young lady/teenager who chooses to act in the traditional feminine way. It does not mean being skanky or trashy because that's just tacky. Being girly does not mean loving pink you could like blue or green it does not matter. Being girly is embracing your femininity in a very optimistic, sophisticated way. Not all girly girls are mean, and if they are it is not because they are girly it probably means that they don't care about others feelings. Girly girls are suppose to be optimistic,kind,confident women. If you think girly girls are otherwise I believe you should do some more research and not on Urban Dictionary.
Girl 1: Hi,how are you?
Girl 2: I'm doing well, and you?
Girl 1:I'm good, oh I got my nails done, see?
Girl 2: Wow, I love the color, it looks wonderful?
Girl 1: Thank you, oh will you look at the time I got to go.
Girl 2: Too bad well I'll see you later.
Girl 1: Buh-bye.

(This is a conversation between girly girls, believe it or not.)
by PinkChick#4 April 07, 2012
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A very feminine girl. Very feminine in her movements. Very feminine looking. What you call a girl that is very feminine.
by Eric October 10, 2004
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Their favorite color is pink
Usually described as weak or fearful
Likes shopping and skirts/dresses
Usually uses "Oh my gosh" " Oh my god" "Like"
If her clothes get messed up, she makes a scene
Hates mud/dirt
Into boys..and not the only friends way
Carries a purse around
Girl 1: OMG! Did you see Jason, he is like soo cute!
Girl 2: I know! How do I look?
Girl 1 and 3:Perfect!
Girl 2:Ya, I'm going shopping today, come, ok?
Girl 1,2,and 3:Like totally!
Girl 4:*mumbling and rolling her eyes* Girly girls..
by Kurayami November 20, 2005
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an extremely femining girl. A girly girl's favorite color is usually pink, but also likes other pretty colors like purple, baby blue, and pastels. A girly girl: Cares alot about how she looks and dresses; wears very feminine, cute, stylish, and sexy clothes clothes like skirts, dresses, cute tops and stylish low-rise jeans; likes wearing high heels; wears alot of pink; does her hair up nice; wears alot of makeup; does her nails alot; loves jewelry; usually not into sports; reads fashion magazines; makes herself as little like a guy as possible; usually into guys as more than just friends but doesn't have to be into guys like that because sometimes a girly girl can be a femme or lipstick lesbian. Also a girly girl says "like", "totally", "Oh my gosh!", "Oh my God", and "whatever!" alot.
Martha is such a girly girl because everything in her room is pink, she spends hours primping each morning, and she's never seen without a cute outfit on.
by Miss Martha March 20, 2007
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girly girls are young women and teen girls that have lots of clothes,cellphones,often go spas,saunas, and salons for facials,waxing,hair,pedicures etc., love fine chocolate (Godiva), organic food, popiscles, lollipops, fair trade teas, spring water or artesian water, flowers, designer creams and soaps, going to weddings, florists, yoga or Pilates, and Starbucks.
Girly girls use clothes racks because they often don't have any closet space for their large amounts clothing.
by diane77 January 06, 2012
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A girl who uses the words 'like', 'tottally', and 'OmG'. They often wear pink, and paint their nails and use tons of makeup. Girly girls usually type "toTtAlLy lYk DizZzZ."
Girly Girl: lyk omg ashley did u see dat cutie??111
by Goldii Mushroom June 22, 2005
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Feminine, makeup loving, hair obsessed, preppy in moderation, shopaholic, crazy, closet exploding, girl.
AKA: mua.
by Little shopaholic December 02, 2011
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