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A term used to describe the less than desirable things that your girlfriend does.

eg: Whining, bitching, complaining
Joe: Dude, you look pissed. What's up?
Bob: It's Sara. She wont stop complaining about how hard her new school is. Her Girlfriending is driving me insane!
Joe: Buddy, that's lame. Drink?
by inkeddd December 17, 2009
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verb: the act of treating a girl you're dating as your girlfriend in public. This girl is often confused by these actions and is lead to believe that she is "different" from the other women you are dating. Behavior commonly displayed during girlfriending include: constantly holding hands giving her kisses when she's said something cute, and and leading her around the bar by her hand.
Guy 1 "That mandi chick just asked me to go meet her parents this weekend. WTF?"

Guy 2 "Dude, you were girlfriending her all last night at the bar. You introduced her as 'My partner in crime' to everyone."

Guy 2 "SHIT!"
by Sexy_Librarian February 08, 2010
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