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One who is girlfiending most likely has a new girlfriend and exhibits the following characteristics.

- Loses all other male friends/friends in general.
- Only hangs out with girlfriend.
- Shows up hand in hand with her in completely sketch situations.
- Appears to be obsessed with her.
- Appears to be married (in some cases)

Basically to the guy, she is the equivalent of crack to a crackhead.
"Chris is girlfiending so bad, all he ever talks to and hangs out with is Katie. "

"Hey man, want to go get something to eat?"
"Nah, I'm staring at Kelsey's pictures right now, then we're going to sit in the park at sunset, then we're going to stare at each other's eyes for a couple of hours..."

by JohnnyBlazeGR February 26, 2009
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When your girlfriend/fiance/wife really really really wants something ridiculous.
Yesterday I was out with my girlfriend and she was totally girlfiending for some lotion(ridiculous i know)
by themanwiththeplans February 21, 2011
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