A 'go to' girl; a female who will help you get things taken care of; a female you can rely on when you are in need of extra assistance; a female who acts as a 'jack of all trades' and is capable of doing almost anything; a girl you can count on when you are overwhelmed with your own chores and the duties must be done; a girl who does most of the leg work on a project, but never takes (or gets) credit.
When you need extra help....I'm your Girl Friday.
by Go To Girl February 28, 2007
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Somewhat outdated and sexist term used to describe the primary exclusive assistant to the star on a movie. While most films have 2 top billed stars only the one at the 'top of the marquee gets. A girl friday. Girl Fridays are often actually guys. Since shooting a picture is so time consuming actors can be on set 16-20 hours per day to print maybe 3 minutes of finished product.so girl Fridays take care of all ancillary tasks for the star such as laundry. Any/all correspondence and arranging on set visits with family. On set duties may include but are not limited to such pedestrian tasks as bringing.coffee/lattes and food to the stars trailer limiting access to the star by basically being a buffer not to be rude but to protect the star in question
I was
Girl friday for Miss beatrice twizzletits on " canyon yodeling: a cowgirls tail of love and lust" she was very good to work for but the work itself is very demanding!
by 4realazitgits April 7, 2021
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Weekly. A holiday to celebrate foreign girls.
"Can't wait for foreign girl friday tomorrow, I might give Yuna a hug idk bro..."
by torntissuebox September 11, 2019
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An affectionate name for your female acquaintance when she is in a good mood. Referencing the day of the week, Friday, which is, by school children and business people, known as the start of a weekend; thus Friday would reference a start to something positive.
My girl Friday and I went to the movies last weekend and she was pretty psyched to see that new "Snakes on a Plane."
by MyGirlFriday August 21, 2006
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The night about age eight a girl loses her hymen to a eight foot cop
Girls friday hurts worse than salt in the eyes
by Cody5050 January 25, 2022
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