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A phenomenon, comparable to tsunamis, empty highways, and meaningful shows on MTV. Specifically, a toot.
Guy1: Hey...Did Cindy just rip one?
Guy2: Good call man, total girl fart.
by Seanathon09 December 22, 2008
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A very rancid and lingering smell from a female who ate something she shouldn't have.
Emily sat at the dinner table eating macaroni and cheese with some french fries. Her slave came over and put his mouth up to her ass as she let out a reeking girl fart on his face. Her slave pulled down Emily's pants as he laid down on the floor, waiting for Emily to sit on him with full force and let out another one. Emily pushed a bit too hard and left him with a cleveland steamer.
by iwantsomebooty July 12, 2018
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When a girl occasionally lets one and then horny guys try to sniff it out.
Jeff saw Jenna wearing a miniskirt and eating boiled eggs so he put his nose in front of her asshole and squeezed her stomach and out came a hot egg girl fart right up his nose and he loved it and then she bitch slapped him and then she threw him on the floor, sat on his face, and let out an even juicier one right in his mouth and it smelled like sh*t and then they f***ed each other and got married.
by GirlFartSniffer September 22, 2008
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