Giovanni is usually referred to someone sexually gifted. His taste in women are so good! And he is so tall and hot. But he is also sweet and can be cute at the same time. Giovanni has a lot of friends and is usually outgoing.
Girl 1 : Omg! Giovanni is soo hot! Bet he's hot in the bed
Girl 2 : Ha! You wish! He's all mine, so back off
Girl 3 : Nope! He's mine and always has been
Guy 1 : I wish I was giovanni
Guy 2: Samee
by Giovannisohot November 04, 2019
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The best guy ever he’s cute funny and short he will always care for u no matter what he is so nice
Ahhh I love Giovanni
by Teehee2006 September 25, 2020
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very stupid and ugly will never get a firlfriend has long hair and brown eyes
by BOBthe killer October 23, 2020
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Giovanni is a very cute, tall, strong, supernatural being who has a massive cock. Giovanni even has his own day, G-Day, when he all talk about how awesome of a person he was.
Giovanni is awesome.
by ryan_1234 October 08, 2020
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a complete and total faggot, he will steal your girl then tell her hes gay just so you can be mad
guy1 -that guy is such a faggot
guy2- nah hes just giovanni
by the0perator June 29, 2017
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A man that's very charming with good personality.
Giovanni has the personality!! 😍😍😘
by Greatest ppl champ June 19, 2018
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