A boy who caring, sweet, and extremely cute. His laugh brings joy to you in an instant and you'll find yourself lost in his brown eyes. He will go through all heights just to see a smile on the one he loves. He has an above average penis size and know how to use it. Don't ever take this boy for granted, he's worth more then all the money in the world. You will never regret meeting this boy. He is absolutely amazing.
Giovanni knows how to make my day
by Anonymous 202021 December 12, 2016
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A good person who cares about everyone. Very giving. Almost always horny, and loves to please women. Very kind, the type of man you fall in love with easily.
Girl 1:"I met someone today, he not only held the door for me, but he bought my lunch too."
Girl 2:"His name must be Giovanni!"
by I give definitions August 25, 2010
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What can I say 😂, Giovanni is basically the reason I go to school. if u with a Giovanni good luck cuz he probs addicted to FORNITE. But other than that he’s so sweet and nice and funny and charismatic and romantic and good looking . He makes my day much better just by looking at him. He might be shy whenver he talks to u but his Personality is amazing . I wish I could spend the rest of my life with him. he is such a caring person and the way he hugs u makes ur world light up. You know u in love with him when u see him and u start blushing or whenver someone else talks about him u blushing . Cherish all the moments u have with him because he’s one of a kind and whenver he says something romantic to u , u want to kiss him and hug him so tight because u realise day he’s the reason u love going to school and ur alive because he is giving you the motivation to push harder in life.( his smile is the cutest things ever) and he will be such a gentlman to u that it’s crazy. He tells other ppl about you in a way that makes u sound like a GOddess. You probably wish you could tell him this but your too scared so I wnat you to tell Giovanni how u feel before it’s to late cuz GURL it’s gonna be worth it.
Is that a Giovanni I see... I think I’m in loveeeee
by Steal your man May 29, 2018
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The most coolest person on earth.He gets all the girls that come by him
Yo Giovanni is so cool and awesome
via giphy
by Chickens are good 22 September 01, 2018
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Someone who wants a girl and thinks he will get a girl and every Rhône he is close the girl will date his friend he is very lonely
Girl: I think your kinda cute

Giovanni: will you be my girlfriend

Girl: I’m sorry

Friend:girl will you date me
by Fhdufnf November 19, 2019
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