Giovanni is the name of a puerto rican italian and often is crushing on a hot girl he loves all girls and is often a ladies man
Giovanni hes sexy
by Movie lover 55321 July 02, 2018
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A hella fine guy, his piercing could be seen from miles away. If you date one dont let him go because he is #daddyMaterial
did you see giovanni he looked like a whole shnack today
by wonderperson123 March 01, 2019
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Someone smart and educated. He passes all his tests with no mistakes.
Giovanni is really smart

He the one will ace all his test sorces.
by Greatest ppl champ July 09, 2018
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A tall noodle man who is really fast and has been in track all year. Also a boy who is kind of a bot kid TTV at fortnite but a god at APEX LEGENDS. YEEEEEET. Looks really cool. Pretty chill dood. Can take jokes sometimes. If you know a Giovanni, or Gio, make him read this. Also RREEAALLYY likes that ONE girl in ANIME BOOKS. ALSO, reads some anime, crafty. Sad,Kid, Yeet. OVERALL, a really cool dood. Also the boyfriend of more than one girls (not applied to all Giovannis.) Don't be rude to a Giovanni, he always a cool dood. Yeet
Human 1: Have you seen the new kid Giovanni?
Human 2: Indeed, he is a pretty cool guy, you should talk to him.
Human 1: Alright I will, byeee.
by APEX_PDTRR October 09, 2019
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A youngman that can get any girl in her loving feelins. He really fucks the girl too.
The best. The Legend
via giphy
by Greatest ppl champ April 19, 2018
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That bitch in Pokémon: Special Pikachu Edition (A.K.A Yellow Version) that is the eighth gym leader and the Team Rocket™ leader, you know the guy with the Persian, that cat Pokémon.
Jill: Hey Bill, Did you beat Giovanni yet?
Bill: That dude with the cat Pokémon?
Jill: Yeah.
Bill: No he's so hard!
Jill: That's what she said.
Bill: Hey Jill, Want to have sex?
Jill: OMG! Bill YES!!! Fuck me hard!!!!!
by Pimpythequick June 23, 2010
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