d; Descriptive word. Gingerism is a derogatory word used to describe someone who has ginger hair. If you call someone a ginger to slag them off for their hair colour, you are guilty of Gingerism.
Be kind to gingers.
Tam stopped Jo in the high street to point out a red head & said "look at that ginger guy, gingers have no soul." Tam was guilty of Gingerism.

Tam is a gingerphobe, hes guilty of gingerism.
by The Fairy Sesh Mother May 11, 2019
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It’s just like racism but instead of it being blacks it being Gingers
by :)GiNgEr107 February 1, 2019
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Gingerism is a new religion in which Chuck Norris is the creator of everything (God) and Gingers are are the original peoples. The Original Peoples (Gingers) created normal people (Non-Gingers) because they were afraid of Chuck and were lonely. The reason that we (Gingers) don't have souls is that we felt bad for Non-Gingers so when we're born we lock our souls in a box and distribute sections of it to Non-Gingers so they can have souls.
Gingerism is the best, most believable religion out there.
by Vette I etteV November 22, 2010
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Many people started to believe in Gingerism after they saw a ginger walking down the street
by GingerNinjer February 17, 2016
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The only acceptable form of racism left. The slagging of those unfortunate enough to be born with ginger hair. Ginger
Who would like to join my campaign to globalise gingerism?
by teenieb May 8, 2007
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aka fear and loathing of day walkers. Soulless beings that wonder the shaded corners of the earth for fear of freckle breakouts; often pass the disease through sneezing, sharing of ice cream, and gary busey. Once given the disease, also known as gingervitus, it is irreversible and causes a life time of shame and social pariah
If blazing red hair, freckles, and pale pasty skin puts you into a blinding rage, you probably are a Gingist practicing Gingerism.
by hobart8584 January 31, 2010
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A legendary race believed to have descended from Prometheus himself, the bringer of fire. Some believe that the first Ginger was in fact the flame that Prometheus handed down to the human race that fateful day. Regardless, since that day, all Gingers have had the fire of Prometheus coursing through their veins, scorching their hair bright red, charring their skin into what are commonly mistaken for freckles when the fire strays too close to the surface. While most myths surrounding the mysterious Ginger people are fabricated, some come quite close to the truth. While it is true that Gingers lack what can be considered a truly human soul, what most people don't realize is that all Gingers have been graced with the infinitely more powerful spirit of the gods. It is for this reason that the human race has so discriminated against the Ginger people. Somewhere buried deep in their subconscious is the knowledge that they will never live up to the glory and power of their Ginger counterparts and thus, like everything that threatens the ego of the human race, they beat down and attempt to humiliate them into submission. But there will come a time when all those blessed with the fire of the gods in their veins will rise up and right all wrongs in the world and bring peace and harmony to all.
Guy 1: Dude, check out that ginger!
Guy 2: Whoa, don't you know what its capable of? We should get the hell out of here. Or better yet, bow down at its feet and thank it for its mercy and grace for letting us live.
by the_relient October 26, 2011
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