A wanker that throws fast food at peoples homes.
Did you see the gilson struck again? There’s pizza all over my roof!
by Jagmeat July 6, 2018
One who is encouraging, uplifting, edifying. To bolster.
I was super bummed, but I got gilsoned.
by ctb2 December 4, 2009
1. When a person over cleans things.
Maggie has being cleaning the house for five hours now, what a Gilson she's being.
by UnknowableOne April 7, 2016
The act of a perverted Scottish science teacher, called Nigel Gilson, swinging his rather saggy ballsack multiple times (to increase momentum) and plopping them on the corner of a students desk.
You won't believe it. I've just had a chemistry lesson with Mr Gilson. And worst of all, he done The Gilson Drop on my desk.
by Torwinn September 27, 2015
heard of gilson skis mf sounds so dumb gilson is the enemy
by Bearsonket February 1, 2022