To kneecap someone, as Jeff Gillooly and Tanya Harding conspired to do to Nancy Kerrigan. Particularly appropriate in a competitive context.
"This guy totally took my spot on that sports team."
"You want I should Gillooly him?"
by thismonkey July 21, 2009
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After Olympic skater, Tonya Harding's ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, meaning anything that is incredibly ill conceived, mismanaged, incompetently handled or poorly executed. Synonyms might be clumsy, bungling, inept, amateurish or bush-leagued.
How could Goerge Bush commit one gillooly after another?

George Bush was clearly our first serial gilloolied president.

The Iraq War was as big a gillooly as the Vietnam War.
by Al Bumin March 10, 2009
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When the husband video tapes their sex acts on their wedding night. Usually starts with the bride still wearing her wedding dress.

Origin: Tonya Harding's husband, Jeff Gillooly, video taping their wedding night (although the dress was a halloween costume and it was not really their wedding night) and then selling it to the public.
The Gillooly:
"Hey Dude - I totally Gilloolied my ex-wife on our wedding night. Do you want to see the video?"
by NoFussRuss June 22, 2006
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A metal baton used to whack someone, usually in the knee. Named for the one Jeff Gillooly used when he attacked Nancy Kerrigan.
"Clueless Don just crashed the system again."
"I'll whack him across the face with a Gillooly stick. That ought to get the message across for him not to do it again."
by Old Cy June 6, 2017
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