electronic toy by tomy(?). the furby is simply a small, poor quality motherboard covered in fur.

the furby can "interact" with humans. you can rub his tummy (press a button there), massage his back (press a button there), yell at it (sound sensors pick up loud noises and trigger a seizure for the furby), and blind it (cover the light sensor on its head and trigger another seizure).

when a furby first starts up or gets reset, it only talks (plays predefined words) in a limited, shoddy "language" called "furbish." as time continues, the furby "speaks" english - giving the illusion that by speaking to it, you teach it english (sort of like a little child). furbies cannot learn english from you; it has preset words. however, you can buy mod chips that make it swear.

the furby is known for being one of the most annoying pieces of shit ever. however, it went through a fad period where there was unbridled buying of them.
i cut the fur off my furby and now he looks demonic. he's a lot cooler now.
by unusu-al June 29, 2004
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Don't let them out in daylight, don't let them near water, and whatever you do, dont feed them after midnight.
by John Ronane February 23, 2005
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Furbys are a stupid peice of crap so useless that they just sit on a shelf dying and making demonic noises.

Furbys are useful for:
Beuti-fying (coloring it with ink)
Scaring Children
More hitting
Tormenting small animals
Putting in a spin dry cycle
Paper weights
(noise made by furby with 6 month old batteries)

Hmm.. what catergory does this go in??
by Kip January 14, 2005
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Scary little shytes that look like Gremlins.
Ahh the day has come for Furbies to take over the world!
by FalseSmiles July 09, 2005
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Creatures created from the blood of Satan used as a device by the demonic communist company from hell... Hasbro to gather an army of children to be used as cannibalistic serial killers which would be used to conquer earth. Furbys have been known to not die even when power source has been destroyed or blessed in holy water,ingested by living organisms, or when repeatedly exposed to weapons of mass destruction. Also speak a language made up of Latin and binary known as furbish
Holy Shit my furby just spoke latin and sprayed out blood with trace amounts of napalm

by fufu berry July 14, 2008
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1: A small animated plush toy known for its wobbling motions and incomprehensible babbling. Also known for the way they would tend to interact with each other when in pairs, becoming even more irritating.

2: Somebody so stoned their actions resemble those of a Furby, IE waddling, wobbling, babbling, blinking heavily, falling asleep. Like their battery-operated counterparts, human Furbies are more entertaining and annoying when in pairs.
1: My 3rd grade teacher yelled at me because the Furby I had in my backpack woke up and disturbed the class.

2: Jackie and Chris were so to'ed up last night they turned into Furbies! I wanted to kick both of them really hard.
by ChevVetteC6 September 14, 2007
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