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Free stuff handed out to people who are too lazy and/or weak to acquire such things on their own. Given through coercion and guilt tripping of productive people. Related to "Gibs me dat".
Those migrants need gibs because they have no skills of their own
by Hep B August 03, 2017
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1. Handouts given to or demanded by ungrateful people. Derived from childlike speech such as "gib me cookies."

1. A derogatory term for someone with their hand out demanding that other people fulfill all their needs and desires. Can refer to people, organizations or countries.
"Germany is tired of being taken advantage of by other countries begging for gibs."
"Gibs spend more time at the welfare office than they do looking for a job."
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by Caffynated April 17, 2017
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1(n) of 3D computer games, a fragment esp. a gobbet of flesh resulting from total obliteration of a target usually by means of an explosion; giblet.
2(v trans.) to cause massive damage to a target, to the point of obliteration.

abbreviation from giblet.
"Spootonium gibbed amigdala"
by Spootonium October 10, 2004
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Gib instead of give/giv/gif

it's a misspell from giv and has become quite popular
by c4tato December 28, 2016
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bodypart (wich is not attached to a body), leftovers from a succesful hit by rocketlauncher (or similar weapon)
Omfg!!11!! There's gibbs everywhere!
by walruz March 15, 2003
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When you are killed in a FPS game viciously, sometimes you get gibbed.
Gibs are pieces of corpse that fly around over the scene after a brutal death.
I just fragged that idiot with my rocket launcher, gibs flew all over the place.
by Bomba-clat, Rasta-Clat October 30, 2004
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To 'gib' someone. lit: To change someone into giblets, usually by explosion. Not a good thing.
by Chelonaut February 07, 2003
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