A tall sexy Italian guy, with brown hair and beautiful brown eyes that'll catch your attention no matter what. He has an amazing body, perfect tan, funny, amazing smile. The guy that every girl wants to have and always getting compliments about himself. A bit cockey guy but could back it up. Plays the guitar as swift and as perfect as can be. Really kind and amazing person. Will do anything to help someone with anything. Sporty guy and has lots of money and isn't scared to protect what is his. The best boyfriend a girl could ever wish for. His touch is so amazing that you at times get chills bad butterflies in your stomach. He can put a smile on anyone's face regardless the situation. Overall the most perfect guy you will ever meet!!! He is perfect in every way possible!
"Gianluca is an amazing person to know"
"Gianluca is extremely hot and sweet"
"Gianluca is the best boyfriend any girl could have"
"Gianluca will leave you speechless"
by absolutely perfect December 2, 2012
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A sweet sexy guy. He's almost perfect, as close to perfect as you could ever get! Don't mess with him.
by tralalallalaa February 4, 2010
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The tall Italian asshole who likes to make jokes. He is a stunning young man with beautiful eyes and perfect features he is slightly weird but allays fun to be around all girls like him including a girl named bella.
Gianluca and Bella are dating
by Ggianluca November 7, 2019
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The prettiest, the kindest and the sexiest guy ever.
He loves you a lot and he always care about you.
He's almost the perfect boyfriend, and he has the nicest booty ever.
Gianluca is so cute while wearing band named t-shirts.
by Leeev November 28, 2016
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Throws toys at head, crotch and other painful areas.
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
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A boss - the type of guy you see calling shots from the private section of the club on a mobile burner
Gianluca made the boys pee their pants
by DonnieLu October 1, 2021
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He's a really nice and trustworthy guy. Great to talk to. I rlly wanna be his friend and yeah. He's pretty. and yeah, i call guys pretty and girls handsome
Gianluca is soo nice
by squeakyvoicegirlfromUCGS January 25, 2021
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