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The act of an individual, mostly persons involved in the media, who exploit a tragedy to further their own gain. In the case of the media, persons often indulge in inappropriate acts to 'flesh out' a story.
"Oh look another bomb has gone off, Kay Burley will be around in a few hours for a spot of ghouling"
by theslaughterhouseblog January 20, 2016
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When a ghoul eats a human, thus becoming them, and attempts to continue living said person's life without interruption or harming any other humans; Ghouls that are no longer evil and want to live as humans eat one final person, obtaining their form and living their life as that person.
Sam and Dean thought the ghoul who ate their half-brother wanted to kill them, but he was really just ghouling around.
by NeopetsQueen2k15 May 20, 2015
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When your man (but not actually your man) is acting up and you are considering ghosting him; so you take a step back from messaging him.
Think of it as a pre ghost before the real thing.
Friend: Should I text him and tell him what's wrong?
You: Just start ghouling him and see if he notices.
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by Svetlanapopov October 24, 2018
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- verb
The act of unearthing a recently buried female (up to two weeks) only to have one person stomp on her stomach while another person waits, with their face in front of her vaginal opening, for the eruption of her innards to cover their face.
Man, could I go for some tasty ghouling tonight!
by Deez Nuts on Joe Mama's Face November 28, 2009
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