The act of an individual, mostly persons involved in the media, who exploit a tragedy to further their own gain. In the case of the media, persons often indulge in inappropriate acts to 'flesh out' a story.
"Oh look another bomb has gone off, Kay Burley will be around in a few hours for a spot of ghouling"
by theslaughterhouseblog November 15, 2015
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When a ghoul eats a human, thus becoming them, and attempts to continue living said person's life without interruption or harming any other humans; Ghouls that are no longer evil and want to live as humans eat one final person, obtaining their form and living their life as that person.
Sam and Dean thought the ghoul who ate their half-brother wanted to kill them, but he was really just ghouling around.
by NeopetsQueen2k15 May 18, 2015
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The state of inability to eat or drink due to an altered perception of taste. Though usually involuntary, ghouling can also be practiced as a form of fasting to lose weight, and can be symptomatic of eating disorders such as anorexia.

The term is in reference to ghouls, the titular characters of “Tokyo Ghoul”, the 2011 Shueisha manga by Sui Ishida and 2014 anime of the same name. Ken Kaneki, the story’s main character and intermittent narrator, becomes a ghoul after receiving organs from another ghoul in a transplant following a violent encounter with them. Due to this, Kaneki can no longer tolerate the taste of foods he regularly ate, as his ghoul state perceives human flesh as more palatable than civilian food.
You okay, bud?

Huh? Yeah, why?

Well because you made all that food, I thought you said you were starving

Yeah, I thought I was, but something just seems off about it. Maybe I’m “Ghouling” again.
by Star_Index_Media April 12, 2022
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- verb
The act of unearthing a recently buried female (up to two weeks) only to have one person stomp on her stomach while another person waits, with their face in front of her vaginal opening, for the eruption of her innards to cover their face.
Man, could I go for some tasty ghouling tonight!
by Deez Nuts on Joe Mama's Face November 28, 2009
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Foul being of legend which robs graves and feeds upon corpses.
That hungry hobo is a real ghoul - he'll eat anything!
by LORD HELL FEAR BLOOD March 17, 2003
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A monster that blends right in with humans and can only eat human flesh, upon consumption of human food the ghoul must throw it up. The ghoul can also drink water and coffee and has many Powerade its most powerful one being its kagane
by Itz_ ironikz November 29, 2015
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Ghoul is a term that has came into popular parlance in the two thousand teens among leftists to describe career republican politicians who have been behind terrible policy decisions. Ghoul often refers not to charismatic figureheads like Ronald Reagan or George W Bush but the even more powerful and decrepit looking old white men who advise them and make big decisions from the shadows. These men (because they are almost always men) put up a guise of being boring bureaucrats while in actuality they are the architects of some of the most disastrous events of the 20th century, the most notable being the Iraq War. Some example of infamous ghouls are Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Scooter Libby, Paul Wolfowitz, and John Bolton. Ghouls can also be applied to congressman who despite being universally despised by many still manage to cling to power by being the right mixture of conniving and boring, like Mitch McConnell. The 2018 movie Vice, about de-facto president Dick Cheney, served as a spotlight to the general public on the life of Ghouls.
Can you believe that Ghoul is using his experience of killing 1 million Iraqi civilians as a reason for why we should let him tell us why we don't need free healthcare and college on CNN?
by Ghoul_eater March 26, 2020
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