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A stupid person; it refers to the lack of surface area on an individual's brain. The general thought is that the more surface area (wrinkles, creases, etc.) a brain has, the smarter the person is. Conversely, a person with a smooth brain (no wrinkles) has less surface area and would therefore be stupid.
That fucking smooth brain put his shirt on backwards again...

That smooth brain is dumber than a pile of shit.
by Tip Tank May 14, 2011
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Ghostface Killah, is an American rapper and member of the Wu-Tang Clan. After the group achieved breakthrough success in the early- to mid-1990s, each member was free to pursue solo careers.
Ghostface Killah took his name from one of the characters in the 1979 kung fu film Mystery of Chessboxing.

Ghost is da shit
Wu Tang 4 Life
It has been said that Ghostface Killah broke Mase's jaw after negative comments were made in the Clan's direction. Many have comfirmed it to be true, On Stark's album Supreme Clientle he raps, " Yo the champ punched Mase in his face over some bullshit The other night they kidnapped his brother pokin him with knives ." Also in Kanye West song "Through The Wire" this incident is referenced to when West raps, " If you could feel how my face felt, you would know how Mase felt."
by Patrick Bateman III January 01, 2009
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One of the best rappers ever. He is my favorite rapper! You should check him out if u haven't.

VVV there's a little something for ya!
Describe me, the kid's nice and he holds swords
And his name, black attack's the nerve like migraines
With more games than beggars on trains, livid sharp pains
Poisonous Rebel like Deck, you can't destroy this
You get ambushed, skate, try to avoid this
Side effects of, hot raps and hot tracks
A duffle bag full of guns son, dipped in black
My culture, glides and attacks just like a vulture
by Junio December 04, 2004
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Ghostface Killah is a rapper and member of the Wu-Tang Clan. He is probably the most avant-garde MC on the planet, with lyrics that evoke the greatest imagery and some of the most clever punchlines and metaphors of all time. He's very exciting to listen to and is mostly known for his album "Supreme Clientele" released in 2000.
Kid: "omg, DJ UNK is duh bestest wrapir evar! walk it out walk it out!!"

Hip-Hop Head: *smack* *hands him a Ghostface Killah CD*
by Chewbacca's Disciple January 06, 2007
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A really ill brotha that smakd 50 cent down a flight of stairs. Also, he got mad skillz on tha mic, and probably in the top 5 MCs of all time, only behind krs one and big l.
50 cent Dissed the Wu Tang a while ago. Then Ghostface Killah found him one day and they happened to be by a flight of stairs and Ghostface knocked his punk ass down them. Because hes cool like dat.
by julz_diamondz June 22, 2007
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