Inhaling and swallowed a lot roach of joint in order to get you more high

Founded by Gibby and Marbles
"So who's Wu Tanging this bad boy?"
by roachboy December 27, 2017
The second best Tang in the world. Next to grape, I mean poon of course. Consists of the RZA, GZA, ODB, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon the Chef, U-God, Ghostface Killah, Masta Killa, and Method Man. Also a large syndacyte consisting of Cappadonna and Killah Priest to name a few. Easily the best rap group with sharp lyricism named after the legendary Wu Tang sword of Chinese mythology. Most songs involve a kung-fu intro followed by great production and outstanding lyrics. All nine hail from Shaolin (Staten Island) and have produced 4 group albums in addition to MANY solo projects.
Wu Tang is still alive and still nothing to fuck wit'. Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game. Lyrcicism example: "What is the meaning of C.R.I.M.E?/ Is it Criminals Robbing Innocent Motherfuckers Everytime?"/~GZA
by El Barto April 27, 2004
Wu tang give you all the education you need
by the shit December 12, 2003
A group of rappers from New York. Famous for their sharp, witty lyrics and skillful members, the Wu Tang Clan ain't nuthin to fuck with.
Wu Tang killa bees on the swarm.
by Shaolin_sword36 September 3, 2003
wu tang from the shaolin islands with low hand fist guillitine cuts flying tiger styles with 36 chambers of death and the special technique of shadowboxing.
if you want the beef then bring the ruckus, wu tang clan aint nothin to fuck with.
by Willy WuTang March 4, 2004
1. the greatest, mother fuckn, rap group ever! All 9 of them rule

2. gone out of your mined in other words f-upd, Wutang'd you can also use geeked or tweeked
"Fuck im wutanged outta my mind"
by vamp February 25, 2005
preferably pertains to an attractive oriental/asian woman, however it may be use for any race of an attractive woman.
Ramlo: yo have you been to the cabazon outlets?

Greg: ya i have. why?

Ramlo: cuz there's nothing but wu tangs there!
by RNK member November 24, 2011