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aka fabulous demon lord

Ghirahim is one of the evil demons who once ruled the surface of our planet. Ever searching for the spirit maiden, he loved to show off his fabulous features. Nowadays, the word Ghirahim is often used to let people know how fabulous they are.
Girl1: "Do you know that guy over there?"
Girl2: "Hm? Oh yeah, that's Debbie."
Girl1: "He's hot!"
Girl2: "He's gay."
Girl1: "No way! He's just Ghirahim!"

Link: "I'm so glad Ghirahim's dead."
Zelda: "Yeah. But you'll never be as fabulous as him though."
Link: "Geesh, I take that as a compliment!"

Riku: "You again?"
Ansem: "Yep."
Riku: "You are way too Ghirahim."
by Just Some Nut August 05, 2014
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George: Have you heard? Derek is gay!
Garret: Yeah, what a fuckin ghirahim
Derek: In truth, I much prefer to be endulged by cocks
by Douchebag82 October 30, 2011
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A lean dude from LoZ Skyward Sword
Demon lord with many fangirls
Ghirahim is so badass
by ISHFWILF October 29, 2018
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