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The coolest girl Ever!!!!!
but so shy, sweet, caring! doesn't like assholes!
by agafhkhjlnfsgeyyulk July 23, 2014
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One of the best Arabic names for women,means "graceful woman" in Arabic.
Ghada Abdullateef Al-wadaani, a Saudi young journalist.
by Groovy-Babe July 18, 2008
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According to the arabic dictionary "Ghada is the soft and beautiful little girl"
Ghadat al Kamilia... Given to the Camelia flower to indicate the soft and radiant beauty of the flower. So, historically the name given to a beautiful female child or a beautiful woman...
Guaranteed and cross checked and researched definition ;-)
by gadolio February 07, 2010
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The G in her name stands for ghetto. She will beat anybodys ass if you mess with her. She smokes weed and drinks too much. Her homies/niggas call her lil gg. Shes thick asf. She hates her parents so much. Sometimes she beats people up and steals theyre money. Shes bloodz and not crips. She likes big dicks. She hates hoes. Beware, if you mess with ghada she will end up beating you so hard.
Damn yall, that girl messed with ghada’s boyfriend and now that girl’s face is a bloody mess!
by Mangogirl101 October 21, 2018
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A female arabic name describing a woman in her 70s . Beware , she will steal your man and try to sway him with coffee . She can't betrusted , in or out of the work place .
Ghada tried to flirt with Bechara, But Bechara has a girlfriend , oh wait ... Ghada doesnt care !
by PsychoK January 30, 2015
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often refers to a stupid arabic woman, in her eighties, with crippled toes, and a large bottom. she is known to be linked to a T.B. and is heard to be last seen on a plane from afaganistan.oh well!
"oh ghada, im gonna go fuck myself because of your ugliness!"
by bob shamashka May 04, 2007
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