A very smart, beautiful, trust worthy, loving girl. She'll always be there and listen to your problems for hours on end. She'll be that one person who hasn't left yet, She has many talents and has a secret dirty side only her best friends know about. Camelia is a strong girl, who's had problems in the past but always has a way to figure things out. She'll give advice and try to help you as much as possible. She can lack confidence beacuse she doesn't see how beautiful she is. She's a genuine, kind, girl who any boy should love and adore. If anyone messes with her, there will be a group of people who will kick their ass, If anyone hurts her there will be many people who will get revenge for this lovely flower.

Camelia is also a beautiful flower, this name fits for Camelia's, beautiful, strong, mysterious.
Friend: "He hurt you? I'm going to kick his ass!"
Camelia: " you don't have to do that for me <3"

Friend: " No, I want to. No one hurts you, I love you.
by ;)Secrets. December 19, 2013
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Someone extremely smart. They look young but don't underestimate them. Listen to them because they are cool and fabulous.
"Sorry who is the best person in the world again?"

"Definitely Camelia ,she is smart listen to her wise sayings."
by Your Mum😎 March 18, 2018
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She always gets stressed very easily, she is very loyal and independent. She also has a lot of patience but when she loses it, she will stop being sweet as usually
- I hate Camelia, she is so annoying.
+That’s because you don’t know her, perhaps she is very stressed at the moment.
by qkxiwnso November 21, 2021
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Someone who is outgoing, pretty, smart, and has an obsession with at least something. Gets guys easily, girls hate her, and loves to suck dick. A Camelia is usually everyone's friend until you piss her off. She will get revenge and turn evil. So you might wanna be nice to her.

She has beautiful eyes, pretty hair, and gorgeous soft lips. She has many talents...as if you know what i mean....(;
She is very protective of the Earth and it's surroundings. She loves sex, and has a perfect nose. She is anyone who you would love to fuck. Many say she can be a good kisser, others say she does drugs. Camelias love being flirty as well.
Dude #1: Oh my gosh dude, DO YOU SEE THAT CAMELIA?
Dude #1: She is so beautiful!
by BigDaddy06 June 15, 2011
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Wearing a LuLaRoe Amelia dress without wearing underwear.

Commando + Amelia = Camelia.
I went to the gyno wearing my Camelia and it was so easy I left my boots on.

Feeling sassy in my Camelia!
by LLRLoves January 20, 2017
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shes the queen of judgements..she always judge people..and doesnt even care if she hurts people..because justice is always with her,she always RIGHT..and as the queen,she only seek for a muscular and horny guy to be her husband
hey,its camelia! on your knees everybody..
by amni's August 17, 2018
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When a Eastenor is trying to look like they were born and raised in the West. They usually do not acknoldge where they are from, that they are asian, have a general hate towards other asians, that they can speak another language and that they are not bad at driving; like the rest of the asian majority.
Scott: Is that girl from around here?
Kris: No, she isn't. She just arrived in town; shes from Thailand. She's a really camelia
by kris the robot April 3, 2007
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