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Definition #1: In American Football, a breakdown in the protection of the offensive line that results in defensive penetration and results in the Quarter back being tackled at or behind the line of scrimmage and Getting Sacked.

Definition #2: For a female to be thoroughly and satisfyingly fucked by a male lover. Getting Sacked means fucked to the point of exhaustion. To have been dicked so hard and so good that the need for future sex may not be needed because the highly satisfying sex session and mind blowing, leg shaking orgasm may never end.

Definition #3: Getting multiple, stiff man poles shoved deep in your bunghole and getting your ass pillaged for sexual pleasure in an orgiastic setting.
Example 1: During the third quarter, the offensive lineman lost focus on the game because he was thinking about Tom's girlfriend Gisele. The end result was Tom getting Getting Sacked.
Example 2: Carla's new boyfriend was well hung. She discovered that length was not the secret to great sex, but rather girth. Frank's Summer Sausage stretched her love hole from lobe to lobe and drove her to multiple mind blowing orgasms. Never before had she experienced Getting Sacked like this.
Example 3: Dan was so looking forward to Pride Fest. Every year it seems to be better and better. This year his goal is to do nothing except Getting Sacked.
by Eaton Holgoode April 30, 2015
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