The thing you do while waiting for GLaDOS to warm up the neurotoxin emmiters.
A morality core was implanted in GLaDOS’s mainframe when she flooded the enrichment center with a deadly neurotoxin to make her stop flooding the enrichment center with a deadly neurotoxin, when you remove the morality core, you should
get comfortable while she warms up the neurotoxin emitters.
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a term for having sexual intercourse that is usually used around children
"Is this movie appropriate for them?"
"No, they're starting to have se- I mean, they're getting comfortable ."
by Margarine Butter February 26, 2016
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You shoulnd't take your releationships for granted. Getting seriously engaged in a comittment will eventually lead to a heartbreak, where the guy is the heartbroken one (most of the times). So man up and don't get too comfortable. Otherwise shit gon' hurt.
Fred: "Have you heard of Jason, he is miserable after what happened with Ronja"
Lucas: "I've told him to never get too comfortable. Those bitches ain't good for us. Hope he feels better soon!"

Fred: "Yeah, man. Don't get too comfortable. Ever!"
by Fl3ckY April 09, 2021
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To have sexual relations with a corpse.
Poor old Alec, he got sacked from his new job at the undertakers when the boss caught him getting some cold comfort.
by Dunky Oggins January 09, 2004
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