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A famously well known diss from the 80s meaning "get a life" as we call it now
People tend to use it when someone is being ignorant or annoying.. And the comeback itself makes the other persons insult not as funny.
Woman: We have to talk, thinking about killing yourself or not its one of the hardest decisions you can make.

Veronica: Get a Job!
by Yagoooo June 14, 2011
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A retort heard during protests when the speaker has no relevant response to an argument. Typically used at night, on the weekend and/or when the speaker has no personal knowledge of his/her opponents employment status.

Also known as: the "ad Ars" (against the job) fallacy.
protester: My grandmother has no health insurance and the corporate death-panels will pull the plug if she doesn't get help soon.

counter-protester: Get a job!

protester: I'm self-employed.

counter-protester: Get a job!

protester: As a lawyer.

counter-protester: Get a job!
by Tha Cheat October 06, 2009
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A term used in place of get a life. "Get a job" is a phrase similar to leave me alone or go away.
Guy: Hey, how are ya?
Girl: Get a job!
\ /
. .
by Kevin January 31, 2005
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