A really talented, good looking, sexy, seductive, beautiful, friendly, successful, loveable and so much more. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to meet him, but if he ever read this he would probably think I'm insane or something....but there really is much more to him than just image... he has an awesome voice and when you sing MCR's lyrics...it has to mean something to you, even if its different to what it means to them...
He gives new meaning to the phrase 'Tall, Dark and Handsome.'
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the greatest frontman in the history of anything. the amazing singer of an amazing band, my chemical romance. and he's a sassy bitch. do you realize that...or am i just fat?
idiot girl: whoa! you look fat! do you realize that or is it just me?
gerard way: woah! you look like an idiot! do you realize that or am i just fat?
by fancypansy January 16, 2011
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SEXIEST BITCH YOUR MOM WILL EVER MEET. HE OWNS YOU... HE ALSO CAN SING AND YEAH / Gerard Way is the sexiest thing since sliced bread.His voice is better than that of a thousand angels and if you are not careful his voice(in all its sexiness)will cause you to become very horny.LOVE HIM and his skeleton footi pajamas..and eye make-up yeah
"Look at me with my pretty bracelet and tiara...I'm a fucking princess!~Gerard the awesome artist
by TooshyWhooshy April 23, 2005
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Gerard Arthur Way was born on April 9 1977.
He is in a band called My Chemical Romance.
His Brother Mikey Way is also in this band.
He is clean and sober and has been since August 2004.
He is not depressed nor is he homosexual or Bisexual, although people tend to think otherwise because they have witnessed him kissing other men, have seen one of the many pictures on the internet or they have heard a stupid rumor.
Gerard and the rest of MCR do not encourage people to be depressed, to self harm or do anything that they feel they have to do to 'fit in'. In fact they do the complete opposite.
People have now found it cool to hate My chemical romance, which in fact is something that both my chemical romance and their fans laugh at (or at least all the fans should) because as they SHOULD know MCR need something to fight against and hating them will only make them want to stay a band.
Aww, that kid just called me a faggot. Ain't that cute? You know .. I really like you and you're not like all the other boys so .. will you take me to prom and f*ck me in the backseat later? ~ Gerard Way

Dont piss your life away with suicide-it's a bullshit way out ~ Gerard Way

by Miss-Murder November 01, 2006
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He is a God. Frontman of the exceptional My Chemical Romance. He has the voice of an angel. Black hair that would shame the midnight sky and beautiful eyes that you could fall into, lips so tender you would want to vanish inside his kiss. Like a pill of sweetness, once you taste him you're addicted
I miss you, I miss you, so far.
And the collision of your kiss that made it so hard.
by stainedblackrose December 26, 2004
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The product of twenty eight years of perfect ageing that is too hot for most of the population to handle.
The person in MCR that looks the hottest is Gerard Way (disclaimer:this is a matter of opinion)
by four wafflez March 25, 2005
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