Much like the Dirty Sanchez but after giving the victim a moustache, you give one to yourself.
After Jimmy gave Sally the Dirty Sanchez, he gave himself a Dirty Rodriquez.
by MainEvent April 9, 2003
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When a guy dumps on a girl's chest and then titty fucks her, with the shit acting as a lubricant.
The girl's chest was so dry that I was forced to take a dump on her chest so there was some lube to help with my titty fucking of her, dirty rodriguez style.
by Miranda Simkin July 23, 2005
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this is when a man blows fecal spackle on a girlz chest while watchin Arod strike out with the bases loaded.
"Wifey knows shez bound to get a Dirty Rodriguez just about every night the Yankeez play..."
by KevinCA$H August 4, 2006
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When a female of the Mexican descent has a very hairy and stanky butt to compliment the distinct seafood smell of her vag.
OMG, Demaris has a dirty rodriguez and I don't think I can eat her butt.
by ethanjakelover October 31, 2019
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When a man fucks a girls ass and spread his semen in her. After that he puts his upper and under lips in her asshole and kisses the Girl
The girl was so alabama, she didn't mind I gave her a dirty rodriguez
by BBCinthaass July 31, 2019
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