the most perfect guy in the world. has a great smile. a person with a promising future. acts like he doesnt care, but really cares, a lot. loves hugs and kisses. especially from his girl. has some regrets, but lives for the future. when he says he loves you, listen to him. he means it. no bull. a bit jealous, but because the last thing he wants to do is lose you.
one guy thats hard to find. unusually big penis, but is more than happy to show you how it works.
hes a king.
king perfect george
by goodwin25 November 30, 2009
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George is an awesome and fun kid to hang out with. He will be completely open to you when you earn his trust. He is handsome and amazing. He is also smart and athletic. He starts to bond (like) you when he wants to and is extremely funny. He has amazing brown eyes that begin to drown you in his amazingness. He is so unique and there are not two George's who are the same.
Person: OMG I think I might like him. What is his name
Friend: oh that's just George. I think everyone likes him
by Anonymus_unknown.lol June 21, 2017
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The most considerate person you’ll meet. George has a beautiful soul (and face) that you will fall in love with. He may come off as cocky at first, but when you get to know him, you’ll see how kind and loving he really is. He jokingly brags a bit at how good he is at sports, but he would never put himself above anyone else when it matters. George will make you laugh so hard you cry, and look at you like you are his entire world.
“Man, George is a great guy”
“I know!”
by urmothee June 20, 2019
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George is a sweet, funny, caring person. George's typically have many hobbies. They are very sarcastic and can be seen as rude at first, but once you get to know a George you will understand how sweet and kind he is. George's love animals a little too much, and are passionate about the things they believe in. They will do anything for their family and friends. They will not show their girl off to their friends at first and may even hurt her feelings. But, when he is sure he will be the proudest man in the world to have her on his arm. George's are amazing, sweet and handsome people that deserve the world.
Did you see that girl hanging out with George... I am so jealous
by Muah1234 October 17, 2019
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Usually, a George doesn't mean any harm, infact, George's are some of the best at solving tough situations, but he always finds a way to screw up and ruin his life.
George helped me get over my ex, but that brought up bad memories of his past.
by Aquarius22 September 24, 2018
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-the type of man every women dreams of. he opens doors and remembers every word you say, every detail and uses them later to surprise you with all your favorites. knows exactly how to work a women but does it because he loves her with no alternative motives. will do anything for the ones he loves especially his girl, would be forever indebted in order to please her. selfless in every way. knows exactly how to love a women. excellent kisser a true gentleman. a real life prince charming forever in love with his cinderella.

-a man who takes his drinks on ice and his women on fire.
"George didn't bring you roses for valentine's day?"
"because he remembered tiger lilies are my favorite"
by zetagirl February 04, 2010
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george is motherfucking ladies man, he is a cougar that pounces on his women and yes he owns women. george loves playstation and is a horny man he also has a sped twin brother
'george is an epic gamer
via giphy
by hairy_balls November 21, 2019
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