george is motherfucking ladies man, he is a cougar that pounces on his women and yes he owns women. george loves playstation and is a horny man he also has a sped twin brother
'george is an epic gamer
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by hairy_balls November 21, 2019
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Depending on where you live, The George in which this definition is described can be very hard to find. George is that type of guy who will sacrifice his own happiness to make you happy. If he cares enough about you, there is pretty much nothing he won't do that you ask him. Because of the fact that George is so nice and generous, he tends to get the short end of the stick more often than usual (in descisions, in love, in life, etc.). This is because that is just the curse that kinda comes with being the typical nice guy. George doesn't always have the most to offer but he will give anything within his power to care and protect the people he loves. George is that hero that doesn't get enough credit. Personality wise, George is very humorous and goofy which makes him easily approachable and easy to befriend. No matter how much George tries to win the heart of someone he loves, it more often ends unsuccessfully because a lot of girls these days are too damn picky. George is that guy that girls will turn down but end up regretting it in the future. George is that guy that will end up at the top of the food chain when everyone else ceases to keep up because they peeked too soon coming out of high school. George is ultimately the guy that people wish they should have kept there eyes on more.
"George always picks up where we left off and does it better"

"I should have gave George a chance"
by FSNashV January 20, 2014
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A person who is very lucky and makes the impossible look possible. It can also mean very smart, and very athletic.
"Man that dude is such a George. "
"Did you see that?! That dude plays like a George"
"That dude Aced that test, I bet you he's a George"
"Albert Einstein was a George"
"Vilgafortz is totally a George"
by Quand tu es une livre March 09, 2018
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Just about the smartest guy you'll ever know. He can be a bit rude at times, but truly he's very charismatic. He's also very good with the ladies.
I wish I could talk to George!
by DJ Dragon Nutz June 21, 2018
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George are so cool. Really handsome down-to-earth guys always getting all the girls. You're probably really jealous of him. He is constantly makes that cold hard cash and is generally a really cool guy. They are also really good liars.
Girl 1: Look it's George?
Girl 2: Man George is so hot I wish I could date him.
Girl 1: Shut up I want to date him.
by Coolcool22 April 17, 2017
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The most perfect guy in the universe. He cares for others more than his life . His world is his girl. Acts pike he doesnt care , but cares everyone. Not so popular, but a good heart.
by Anoatho May 20, 2017
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George is always loving and cares for everything he does. Although he finds life hard sometimes he will always find someone to help him out. Usually has very few friends but he selects them very carefully.
Hey is that George over there?

Yeah he’s talking to the girls as usual
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