A great good looking guy, sometimes cocky-er than should be. Highly intellegent and educated. Hot physique, acts sometimes like he doesnt care but deep inside he is very cuddly like a teddy bear. Ever guy wishes he was George
Boyfriend: OMG there George, i wish i was like him.
Girlfriend: Sigh....i wish you were like him too.
by Conversechick April 16, 2009
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A guy with a very big (usually huge) penis.
Guy: wanna see it?
Girl: sure
Guy: ok here
Girl: HOLY CRAP its a george
by ~neXus~ January 15, 2009
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Is a huge g
Gets loads of girls
Everyone likes him
Sometimes messes about
Great boyfriend if u know what i mean
Person 1: George is so hot
Person2: I know. We have to go out

Person1: George is a great mate
Person2: yea he's really chilled out

hot. george g
by EpicDude95 December 17, 2017
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George is a person who will be born with a 7inch dick
Here’s your baby!
Wow he has a george!
by Georgieboy14 December 19, 2017
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A very rare predator

Instructions for Your George:

1) Love your George, they are very loyal and affectionate creatures...except when given sugar, then they can become slightly agressive. Be wary of this. And its probably best to buy a large cage just in case.

2) Give them a lot of care and attention, otherwise they could turn against you, and possibly eat you.

3) Ensure to let them out at least 5 times a day...they tend to urinate frequently.

Available at Argos, ASDA, Debenhams and other selected stores today!
Greg: Hey man, I bought an George yesterday! How's yours?
Craig: Dead. I forgot to water it.
Greg: Dead?
Craig: Dead.
...*casually walk away
Wow what a nice looking George. Is it a rare breed.
by Notme10852 September 13, 2019
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George is the best person imaginable. His best match starts with H, K, & S and end with L, N, and A. He will first become your friend and then your best friend and then you will fall in love with him. You get so close to being together and then you will push him away because you don't want to ruin the incredible friendship you share, but then one day it will hit you that you're actually in love with him and you cant survive another day in your life without him. Once going out with a George you will never have an unhappy day if it's spent with or talking to him. He will treat you like a princess and will make you feel so comfortable and amazing that you become dependant on him and you miss him every second you're not with him. You will make plans for the future and spend days laughing hysterically together, being completely in love with each other. If you have yourself a George make sure to keep them.
Look it’s George!
You’re dating George? Lucky!!
by The KeIIy July 21, 2019
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George is a sweet, funny, caring person. George's typically have many hobbies. They are very sarcastic and can be seen as rude at first, but once you get to know a George you will understand how sweet and kind he is. George's love animals a little too much, and are passionate about the things they believe in. They will do anything for their family and friends. They will not show their girl off to their friends at first and may even hurt her feelings. But, when he is sure he will be the proudest man in the world to have her on his arm. George's are amazing, sweet and handsome people that deserve the world.
Did you see that girl hanging out with George... I am so jealous
by Muah1234 October 17, 2019
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