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A primative sub-species of humanity found around the river tyne in the north east of England.

More easily spotted during cold weather because of a penchent to wear very little clothing in order to prove their virility to the female of the species. Females do likewise.

Full of bravado but for display purposes only. Can usually be found kicking telephone boxes to bits around their watering hole when frustraed by major disappointments.
Did you see the geordies in 1989?

Aye! Three hundred on the pitch and they still couldn't put the ball in the net.
by David Attenborough November 16, 2004

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Small worm-like being, often found under rocks, in dark areas, or in schools. Often refered to as "whurmys" the whurm usually plays guitar and hides his orange worm colouring with black hair dye.
Little is known about this specimin and sightings are rare. Therefore it is not possible to give a well known example of the "whurm"
by David Attenborough February 11, 2004

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A cute fuzzy creature often found ambling or scampering in the forest. Found primarily in dens and known to possess the 'pinkish hue'. Not the best of company when hungry. Prone to 'cabin fever' and should be walked immediately if this is the case. Fond of 'lerens' suffix.
My my Baer your volleyball serves are much improved.
by David Attenborough October 11, 2003

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