to girraffe someone is to eat their bush
sit still now, im going to girraffe you
by jackTheNotSoRipper May 1, 2011
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The State if being extremely stoned or high.
Man we shouldn't have done those bong rips before math class, cause now I'm higher than girraffe pussy.
by torchmaster-0 February 3, 2011
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When a Man Stands And a Woman Masturbates Him From A Kneeling Position. She Then Starts To Lick The Undercarrage Of His Balls. Thus Looking Like a Girraffe Licking For Leaves In A High treetop
"oooH Thats Right Baby Just There, Right There You Girraffe Licker"
by Thugz Cuny March 23, 2009
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This is the sexual position when the male is having anal sex with a female, he pulls out, hits her in the face with his cock, spreading her ass juice on her face and the throws old pubes on her face.
I just gave her a R.G. (Rusty girraffe)
by matty ice the third June 18, 2010
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When a man and a women both are standing and then the man sticks his dick in her pussy, while she eats a salad.
Man my girl likes it girraffe style, she gets pleasured and eats healthy.
by Secretlover666777 December 16, 2017
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These bad boys 5'5-6'0, They usually play videogames and are a total badass at them, They always brag about they're height and they get annoying about it. They like the colour orange, black, or green, and they always manage to depict any type of situation, If you find a girraffe, then you will be in a hell of a ride if you get in a relationship with them. They are caring and always manage to make they're significant other happy.
Her: Your such a girraffe, your so tall
Him: LOL your so short bro
by Anonnymoussubject May 30, 2022
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