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sweetest girl you will ever meet:) always has a smile on her face; you can't miss her. she's like the happy pill everyone needs on a daily basis, a sorter of relationships, a genuinely smart and talented girl, a dancer, she knows how to handle boys, especially ones named eric and aaron becuz they are VERY hard to handle, loves life, constantly uplifts and instructs cough cough* Eric and Aaron deals with what's given to her, doesn't take crap, someone deserving of everything
"Hey Gentrie, i failed my test and Aaron broke up with me...i feel like crap..."
"No missy!! *smiles* Honey you are beautiful and special and are worth so much more than idiots looking for your attention!! Call me if you need anything, honey."
"Thanks Gentrie!"
"*giggles and smiles big* No problem, honey!!"
by theoneheloves93 March 04, 2010
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