Slang for pretty, often used affectionately
You're purty


It's so purty!
by Dr_Zaius January 25, 2005
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Dumbfuck way of saying "pretty". You only save one character, no syllables and it's not even pronounced the same way as "pretty".
It don't steer so good, but it be purty fast.
by poudink January 10, 2021
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when you’re pretty but they just say it bc they’re pussys and don’t wanna “simp
Ooo look she’s purty!

ahah bro don’t you mean pretty?
no bro i menat purty ion wanna simp
by fuckinurdad24/7 May 28, 2021
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the perfectly perfect smartie pants. Purti is used to describe a person with great talents and great sense of humour.
by HEYDUDE1997 July 29, 2011
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A girl that is both pretty and beautiful on the outside and inside. A purtifull girl has a beautiful physical appearence but still contains that down to earth/sweetheart personality.
Kianah, the new girl at work, was so purtiful that all the guys were anxtious to meet her.
by Psunami June 5, 2013
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the scale by which the physical attributes of males and females are weighed, measured and often found wanting. the scale ranks thusly:

10 - Chuck Norris (who no one can ever hope to surpass)
(in betweeners like Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus both of whom were created in Disney Labs.)
1 - Paris Hilton ( as low as it gets )

corey: "Wow! Nick Jonas is an 8.5 on the purty scale!"

danielle: "Nah if we're ranking on the purty scale I'd say he's more of an 8."

jenna: "Who's Nick Jonas?"
by ChelseyD. September 16, 2008
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