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An amazing person who is never to be messed with. If you were to have a problem that might be hard to get out of; There will always be a Genesys to solve the problem. a BRIGHT, CARING person who will firmly stand up in their beliefs and will stand alongside her friends no matter the consequences. A Genesys is not afraid to tell you the truth and strictly the truth; no matter the situation. Now, yes, this may make you feel a bit down and such but they always have good intentions and will help you find a way to fix whatever needs fixing. They're also super trendy and often take on the role of the mom-friend of the group- even though they won't hesitate to hop onto an adventure or puzzle with everyone else!

Everyone needs a Genesys in their lives.
Person A: *debates*
Genesys: *debates even more; wins the argument; and completely baffles person A before walking away*
Person B: Thats Genesys for you
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by timaeusTestified July 16, 2018
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the girl who drinks alot of Hennessy. normally a drunk addict.
man:look at that girl.
other man: man she is soooo wasted.
man: i bet her name is genesy

fucked up
by ......someone.... October 03, 2011
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