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The social construction of gender in most societies in the world where gender is a dichotomy between male and female. Male and female gender expectations, roles, and functions are generally very rigid and the presence of alternate gender constructions are usually denigrated, ignored, or made oblivious.
The gender binary is crap and doesn't allow for individual gender expression like being genderqueer or two spirit
by thewongmann January 05, 2010
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The belief that there are two genders: male and female. This, of course, is incorrect because gender is a social construct. But it is still ok to identify as a gender. If labeling yourself makes you feel more comfortable that is perfectly acceptable, but that is your identity not the rest of the world has to revolve around gender. yay. stop being bigots and open your mind to new ideas.
Person 1: Why is the world centered around the belief of gender binary?
Person 2: Because humans suck. At least global warming will kill them soon enough, or they'll kill themselves through nuclear war.
by GayGiraffe225 August 25, 2020
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