A perjorative term for "Evangelical" or someone who speaks with Evangelical fervor, especially a member of the Evangelical Christian right in the United States. This relatively new slang term is sometimes used by non-Evangelical Christians, as well as non-believers, to denote a shallow or knee-jerk kind of religious thinking that promotes an "us vs. them" worldwiew.

"Gellie" or "Gelly" is derived from the third syllable of EvanGELical. The word can have both playful and offensive connotations. It is related to the word "Fundie" for fundamentalist.
"That new mega-church in Colorado Springs is full of hand-waving gellies."
by Peter Kobs June 20, 2008
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1). A girl that likes potatoes.
2). A girl that has mystical potato dragon summoning powers.
1). gelli declares that nothing is better than potatoes! >:D muahahaha!
2). Gelli summons the potato dragons and they come and smother tag and his bacon in a sea of scorching hot mashed potatoes. gelli then starts eating the mashed potatoes with bacon bits and a serving of tag on the side.
by PseudoShadow January 16, 2006
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The cut above or near the eyebrow or upper cheek that an action film star always acquires at some point during the film. Named for the make-up artist who perfected the technique.
It's not really an action movie unless the hero gets a gelli slice above their eye.

I'm so mad, I'm about to give you a genuine gelli slice.
by Kelli Bo Belly July 24, 2018
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the generic term for a line of pens by Sakura that write using gel ink. comes in 65 "funky" colors. made popular by preteen girls who think they are cute.
I will only write notes to boys I like using gelly pens.
by 2cool4school2006 July 06, 2006
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