Adjective. (West of Scotland)

Def: To be a manky soap dodgin' tree huggin' hippy...
Named after the one and only Sir Bob. Also applicable to anyone from Greenock.

(see also Crusty,Tink,Gippo,Dolescum)
"That guy doon the road at 46... is a pure Geldof by the way..."
by Scott Kerr March 14, 2006
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When a masculine person removes their body hair in a painful way (such as in the scene from 'The Wall' where Bob Geldof shaves his chest and causes one of his nipples to bleed.)
He was geldoffing when he waxed his chest hairs and removed them.
by dossantosgurus October 19, 2008
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The act of going down on a girl during 'that time of the month'.
You gave her a Peaches Geldof?? You sick fucker!
by Anon. November 28, 2004
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The second daughter of Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates, the 16-year-old Peaches Geldof is a socialite, media figure and the ultimate it-girl in the UK.
Peaches Geldof is cool.
by Barbie Doll July 18, 2006
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