Also known as Geiseriasto, a ridiculous slob, who often lives in an apartment showed by a letter following a number. A funny, chubby little boy who often dreams of reaching a high amount of potential. Often found in the Northern USA. Any person to come in reach with this Volumptuious character has therefore given his life to the Geiser. The Geiser will continually call the subject to "hang out".
God that kid is like a Geiser, always calling me to do something!
by Alex Frank January 09, 2005
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Geiser, a guy with super ejaculatory powers and elite swimmers. Makes babies with his lady anytime he wants.
With a name like Geiser, dudes pullout game is weak. His Ol' Lady is pregnant AF!!
by PixieR6 June 05, 2019
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The grand dick of some Icelandic person.
"In Iceland we call that Icelandic Geiser"
"Oh that's a big dick"
"In Iceland we call that Icelandic Geiser"
by Kasmie December 05, 2014
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When a guy inserts his penis into a vagina and pisses. While the female simultaneously urinates. Hence, causing a massive vaginal geiser of urine.
Man, can you believe that Sarah let my brother Allen give her a Gadsden Geiser. It was so messy, his bed looked like a swimming pool.
by Smitty bros January 03, 2020
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Also known as the BGS, this is a loving sexual act in which the giver urinates up the butt of the recipient.

BGS tournaments are also known to occur in some parts of the United States, though the rules of the tournament aren't well known.
I couldn't believe the sensation brought on to me after receiving my first BGS.

After years of BGSing, I have a permanent limp.
by Dave February 12, 2004
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The act of having a stream of projectile diarrhea whilst being in the human pretzel position.
“Bro, we were having this party and I got this girl in the schizer geiser and I haven’t haven’t been able to get the shit stains off the ceiling since.”
by EricfromPoco April 16, 2021
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Several hours after sex you're walking and a gush of " Nut" squirts out your cooch!!
Girrrrl that fool had me sooo full, I sneezed and the Geiser Gushed
by Tex Mex Diva December 19, 2016
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