When you see an old man riding his bike down the road slowly and it's your choice if he gets hit by some toast.
This is how you could use Geezer On A Bike in a conversation.

You: Hey Milly! How's it going?
Milly: Good! I was just about to eat some toast (optional)
You: Oh well... Look at this geezer on his bike *points at him*
Milly: I can imagine him getting hit by toast
by TheGentleTard April 27, 2019
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Any day of the week where geezers get together to carry out geezer like activities, usually on a Friday or Saturday. This may include going to the pub or to the football
"Cameron, today is a Geezers Day, where geezers get together to be geezers. Let's hit the boozer"
by Jongers January 30, 2019
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The flu shot when you get when you're an old creep. Twice as much anti-venom in the shot, and twice as much pain in your arm the next day.
I went to Kaiser for a flu shot, and one of the old gals in the line in front of me told us they were out of the geezer shot.
by Colorado Bootman October 14, 2021
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A walker with a ring hanging from the top that you can fuck, so that the elderly can masturbate loudly like they used to
by Dirtylittlesecret.alyx December 19, 2020
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A type of electronic music defined by a regular repetitive pounding bassline that is favored by dried up old geezers who refuse to admit that their music is old and lame, much like themselves.
After spending 6 days at burning man where every camp was playing dubstep, I was actually happy to find a camp playing geezer trance.
by electro snob August 3, 2011
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A male who typically possesses qualities of acting out of the ordinary and as being mentally unstable
Do you see that huge over there with the face tattoo, hes a booky raving geezer he is!
by BookyRavingGeezer420 April 27, 2017
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