1. To cause embarrassment to oneself by continuously trying to call someone after a night out

2. To cause embarrassment to oneself by persuading someone else to call a particular person on your behalf during a night out
You wouldn't believe who did a gedge last night.

Things got a bit weird after she kept doing a gedge on me.
by MrA February 17, 2008
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Term used by Northern English Ravers to describe perspiration that collects between the buttocks.
so much gedge - I need to get out of these pants
by closely observed trains August 18, 2010
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A North of England word meaning an old man, fogey, bloke. The sort of chap you would see with a Woodbine out of his mouth, a crooked back and a dodgy mac.
Check out the old gedge with his flies undone!
by Mike Chapman December 4, 2003
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Something/Someone horrible, disgusting, shit or with poor attributes.

Opposite of Dench or Peng
your feet smell well gedge


that bird you pulled was proper gedge
by Mista S February 9, 2012
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Oh man I wish Gedg was here, he's so perfect
by Gedg February 3, 2022
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Be careful when you are crossing the street or you might get gedged.

John got gedged by his boss when he told him he had to stay a few extra hours.
by Peter Barracuda April 1, 2015
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To slam a door following an altercation in a relationship (usually bedroom but could be front door or other) - works best in terraced houses in northern English.
oh dear, doesn't sound like that went too well - he's Gedged the door on his way out.
by infrared13 January 13, 2010
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