A term used my rapper MC Eiht used instead of saying "yeah"
by Brainiac 2006 January 31, 2006
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1 - Used by UniMi students while they are happy.

2- It's also used for describing emotional state.
1 - "Geah, finalmente ci si spacca!" "*isth isth* 'ntellemo, GEAH!"
2 - While you are happy :"GEEEEEAAAAH, GEEEEEAAAAAAH, 'NTELLEMO!".
While you are disappointed : "geah.... :( "
by Astroke67 December 04, 2015
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A word used by people who should not be an English major. Usually a misspelled version of yeah. Used by some rappers in place of yeah, and some college students as a form of expressing joy and happiness
Pal: Geah!
Gal: Don’t become an English Major.
by thatcoolchick777 July 21, 2019
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A word that replaces "yeah" used by MC Eiht
and other rappers
but most common is MC Eiht
Geah i'm feelin to krepp on sum slobs, you know what i'm sayin?
by antang April 09, 2007
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Person 1: omg stan loona!
Person 2: *geah* stan loona
Person 1: omg you're gay too?!
Person 2: Geah!!!!!
by MidnightTheF0x March 22, 2021
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an utterance used by Mike Jones and other people from the south, espescially Texas. Replaces "yeah"
by sum d00d January 01, 2006
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