Landing Strip on a Middle-Eastern woman.
Dude, that terrorist chick is smoking hot. Wonder if she's totally bald or sports a Gaza Strip?
by Cmullen November 19, 2012
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Aka Union Street, Plymouth. This squalid street is actually the city's 'clubbing mecca', and on most weekend nights resembles a warzone. At 2 in the morning the filthy nightclubs discharge their equally filthy clientele onto the streets at the same time to eat half cooked greasy junk food from dodgy kebab shops, brawling, f***ing, and puking like it went out of fashion. The streets are constantly lined with police vans, and teeming with Plymouth's 'beautiful people' ; drunken matlows, shaven headed, townie thugs with tatooed knuckles (and that's just the women), and a motley array of sluts of a variety of ages who look not unlike the prostitutes that work the red light district nearby! In other words, like the Gaza Strip, Union Street at best resembles a warzone, and should be avoided like the plague (which incidently broke out there only last week).
"Fancy going out clubbing in Plymouth, like?"
"No f***ing way, Union Street is like the bloody Gaza Strip on a Saturday night!"
by IhatePymouthians April 11, 2004
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The section of skin in between one's balls and one's asshole.
Hey queer, lick my Gaza Strip!

Jesus had a jungle for a Gaza Strip!
by MikeZach December 16, 2005
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A small shaved strip of public hair on a woman, leading down to a bombed out vagina from having babies or being a complete whore.
Dude, check out the gaza strip on the dancer!
by Thechadmancometh June 10, 2009
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The same pubic shaving pattern as the Landing Strip, but used to describe prostitutes and women that have had seven kids at once because the area is devastated.
I was going to go down on her then I noticed her Gaza Strip.
by The Chadman Cometh June 23, 2009
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To be a victim of a unilateral degredation of ones working or living conditions (that is to say, to be base-grabbed) by an assailant, typically an illegitimate one or one who is self-empowered or leveraging a position or special relationship (also knows as an Isreali Tank guy).
"Dude, all my system prevliges have been revoked by IT! I have been Gaza Stripped!"
by TheLastFearfulMonkey April 16, 2009
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the area between your arsehole and you dick
I have a sweaty gaza strip
by claude October 03, 2003
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