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Salman khan is called gaytard. He is gay who has relationship with his bodyguard Shera.

Gaytard's fans are Gaytards.
We proud of Shera for fuck Gaytard.
by Fakeer 2.0 July 25, 2019
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an insult for someone who is gay and retarded; or it could be for someone who is lame and stupid. also see: gaytarded
by Heather May 26, 2005
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Two insults combined into one, as if to say one is a gay retard without wasting your breath on the 're' part.
Lisa: Hey, did Jack just let someone kick him in the balls for a dollar?

Jon: Yeah, he's a real Gaytard. I would have at least made it five!
by [KrystalxCore] May 24, 2007
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gay'-tard, adj. Combination of gay* and retard. Used derogatively to refer to someone who is acting gay* and in an idiotic or retarded fashion. The term is rarely used to refer to one's sexual orientation, but may be acceptable to use within certain groups (i.e. - a group of friends who are homosexual). The term is a development in the late 1990's, combining two slurs often heard in high school hallways, "retard" and "gay."
1. Get outta my way, you gay-tard.
2. Jesus, that man is a gay-tard. Can't he learn how to drive?
by late February 24, 2004
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Gaytard©- Noun
Pronunciation: (Ga-tard)
Definition: A person that is neither gay or retarded, however acts like they are both.

"Look at him out there dancing, what a gaytard."
"Dude, that is totally gaytarded."
"I believe he suffers from gaytardism."

©Copyright 2006 BALC Sitka Alaska
by Amy Denny September 06, 2006
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Some one who is not a homosexual, but is a complete idiot, and he's so smug and proud that you just want to BASH HIS FACE IN WITH A SHOVEL!!!!!
A "gaytard" sits next to me in english. He occasionally smirks over at me and says something idiotic.
by Norton Johnson December 04, 2006
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